Current research

Computer Graphics


Adaptive surface mesh generation

Triangular and tetrahedral mesh generation

Quadrilateral and hexahedral mesh generation

Optimization of simplex meshes


Point cloud rendering using splats

Physically based rendering


Virtual Reality

Virtual Environments

Generation of virtual characters using biological reproduction models

Manipulation of facial expressions in virtual characters

Facial aging for virtual characters

Clothing for virtual characters

Collaborative virtual environments

Virtual shot training

Artificial Life

Generation of behaviour for autonomous virtual characters


Computer Animation

Motion Control

Animation of virtual characters using modes of vibration

Flexible reactions of captured movements

Crowd Simulation

Human behaviour for crowd simulation

Crowd simulation in emergency situations

Crowd rendering


Other research

Mesh refinement using graphical processors

Exact form factor calculation for radiosity using CSG

Augmented reality based games

Efficient and adaptive graphical engine

SIMFRA - Simulation of fractures in ducts and pavements

AVAL - Virtual environment for language learning

Integration of virtual environments with external applications

Animation of articulated structures using the spacetime constraints technique