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Better results were obtained! :) There are still some elements that need to be take care of, but 4-connected templates are almost gonne!

Circular saw blade

By Rafael  S. Telles Vieira (26/04/2012)

Apresentação sobre mapas exponenciais feita na disciplina de Animação;


e o código fonte do programa em Qt:


By Rafael  S. Telles Vieira (26/08/2011)

Some meshes from the I-Quad's algorithm that I'm currently working on:


By Rafael  S. Telles Vieira (26/08/2011)

Direct corollary from I-Quad:

Shrinking WEB

Spiderweb Image from National Geographic http://photography.nationalgeographic.com/staticfiles/NGS/Shared/StaticFiles/Photography/Images/Content/australia-spider-web-694572-sw.jpg [on-line 31/08/2011],

By Rafael  S. Telles Vieira (31/08/2011)

For more, visit:


By Rafael  S. Telles Vieira (26/08/2011)