CRAb is an interdepartamental research group on Computer graphics, Virtual reality and Animation. The researchers are affiliated to the departments of Computing and Mathematics.

Some of the research projects developed by the group are: adaptive mesh generation for applications in virtual reality and engineering; generation of avatars using biological reproduction models; creation of efficient and adaptive graphical engines; colaborative creation and edition of virtual environments; interaction between virtual characters and manipulatable objects in virtual environments; animation of virtual characters; and integration of network virtual environments with learning management environments.

CRAb has developed many projects related to the application of Virtual Reality to distant learning and participates in multidisciplinary projects in cooperation with engineering groups.

The group is concerned with the formation of human resources and involves undergraduate and graduate students in the research projects, creating several subgroups headed by graduate students. This structure helps to develop a sense of group and strengthens the graduate students' capacity of research leadership.

Partnerships with other departments and companies have been established in order for the group to get more and more tuned to the Brazilian research needs.

Visit the CRAb Group at CNPq's Brazilian Research Groups Directory page.


Department of Computing
Block 910 - Pici Campus
Federal University of Ceará
Av. Humberto Monte, s/n. 60.440-554
Fortaleza - Ceará - Brazil